It was a great journey! – Joakim Nilson, magwerk.com

Magazine for Art, Design & Film

Encore Magazine presented design, photography, illustration and film on a completely new and trendsetting platform (magwerk.com). Encore Magazine combined the look of a print magazine with the interactivity of those days online technologies to create a unique experience that moved way beyond just reading an ordinary magazine.

Encore Magazine inspired and informed thousands of readers while always having an eye on new trends and artists.

Any updates in the future?

Currently there a no concrete plans on a relaunch. But how do you say? Never say never! Check this site for further updates.

Awards, Nominations & Publications

Adobe Site of the Day 2004, Grimme Online Award Nominee 2005, Lead Award „WebLeader des Jahres“ 2007, Lead Award Silver 2006 »WebDesign des Jahres«, Lead Award Silver 2005 „Entertainment- und Lifestyle-Onlinemagazin des Jahres“ …

Design made in Germany Magazine, GIGA, GQ, j’n’c, mfg Magazine, MX Magazine, Novum, PAGE, Spiegel Online, The Desk, Web Design Flash Sites …

Get in touch

Feel free to contact us any time at contact@encore-mag.com

Thank you

Thanks to our readers, supporters, coworkers, press, media, sponsors, advertisings-partners, families and friends. We had a great time with you guys!